Our Story

With the founders having a passion for sport and wildlife, the Aardvark Apparel brand was born.

We believe in offering unique apparel that speaks to quality, style and affordability. We have a stellar line up of vibrant, eye-catching golf polos, golf towels and caps which will turn heads aplenty out on the fairways, greens and 19th holes.

We are aiming to produce standout designs, patterns, and colours manufactured from the highest quality materials. We going for the ideal combination of “WOW this feels amazing” and “That’s a sick polo”. If you want to stand out from the crowd when playing golf, then Aardvark Apparel is the brand for you.

In doing so, we hope to raise awareness for endangered wildlife. All apparel items sold featuring prints of iconic animals at risk, a percentage of profits will be donated to support Endangered Wildlife conservation. View our Conservation Collection.

There are a number of animals under extreme threat worldwide, largely due to illegal poaching. We aim to support the ongoing preservation and protection of endangered species, as well as the ongoing education, awareness and public support surrounding this issue.

Together we can make a difference!

Aardvark Apparel Rhino Conservation

 Photo credit: Keenan Houareau Photography
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